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Our DataCore Software Development Kit (SDK)

Data analysis and visualization can be challenging when using disparate collection formats and communication protocols. These difficulties are especially present in environments characterized by increasing sales of distributed modeling and simulation. Constraints of time and budget often result in choosing a dedicated solution that resolves the immediate need, while sacrificing the flexibility to respond quickly to changing data formats, new analyst requirements, and hardware scalability problems. The IroquoiSystems Datacore SDK is a comprehensive, cross-platform software package, that addresses these challenges.

A white background with blue, green, and white squares in a flowchart that illustrates Inputs to Reports, Utilities, and Framework Components. The left starts with Program Specific Modeling and Simulation with arrows leading to the green squares reading Log File 1, 2, and n. The arrows lead to a box that says Post Processor: Iroquis Post-Analysis Framework Component, and a blue box reading Program Specific Reports and Utilities. The three white boxes at the end of the flowchart read: Reformatter, 3D Visualization, and Reducer. The box covering the bottom of the graph has 3 white boxes reading: Report Generator, Table Generator, and DataCore Libraries, and the blue box in the corner reads program Specific Data Handlers.

Business Process Re-Engineering

a close-up of a finger pointing to a blue screen with line graphs. The lines are pink and white and zig-zag across the slightly blurred screen.

Once an infrastructure is in place, it must be exercised; otherwise, why invest? This area is one of the most exciting areas of work because it is THE opportunity to reinvent processes and revolutionize business. In different terms, these are the productivity improvements that have and will continue to help lead our economy to long-term growth without inflation.

HLA FOM Library Generator

This tool allows the developer to avoid writing a significant amount of boilerplate code in the federation environment* just to send and receive data. The generated code is integrated with the Iroquois RTILib to further reduce development time and maximize FOM agility.

a silver laptop with a black keyboard sits open on a light wooden desk with a blue book and black pen nearby.

With these classes the HLA developer can:

  • Perform all the operations necessary to send

  • Access class methods to subscribe, publish, register, discover, send, receive, delete, and more.

  • Store the class member data and provide functions that are used to set and get the value for each individual member.

  • Send and receive within a Data Distribution Management (DDM)

  • Adhere to the inheritance hierarchy defined by the FOM.

  • Inherit from these classes in order to extend their functionality as needed.​

*Using the Real-time Platform Reference Federation Object Model (RFR FOM) as an example, the HLA Library consisted of over 950 classes and over 100,000 lines of source code

Iroquois M&S Tools RTILib 

The Iroquois Run Time Infrastructure Library (RTILib) is a C++ class library that provides an interface to common High Level Architecture (HLA) services such as:

  • Federation Initialization/Shutdown

  • Synchronization

  • Time Management

  • Object and Interaction Class

  • Subscription/Publication

  • Object Attribute Update/ Reflection

  • Interaction Send/ Receive

  • Data Distribution Management

The abstraction provided by the library greatly reduces the amount of code needed to perform HLA operations.​

A screenshot of a computer program displaying a map with semi-cirles of blue and orange. There's black text from a computer pop-up window on the right and in the top middle of the screen.

The Iroquois Data Reducer 

A screenshot of a  computer program with a list of text on the left. The text is black and blurry.

The Iroquois Data Reducer, which uses the DataCore SDK as a key element, allows the Analyst to interrogate any Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS) message set. The Reducer is typically used to debug and spot check BMDS Simulation and Post Processing Reports. The Data Reducer allows the analyst to:

  • Reduce a message file to contain a set of selected messages.

  • Select, step through, and view all specific contents.

  • Query the message set to establish unique values for a given message, and then apply a filter to view the queried set of messages.

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