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About Us

A rich history and a bright future.

Who We Are

a stock image photo of a hand holding up two small american flags. The flags are a flexible material with horizontal red and white stripes and a blue square in the corner with white stars. The background of the image is a blurry, multicolored crowd with blurred lights in the distance and a dark, black sky.

We are engaged in commercial software development and internet enterprise. We are an experienced company with innovative ideas, sound software development practices, and polished business acumen. We are located in Huntsville, Alabama, the technology center of the Southeast. Huntsville’s strong technology base is supported by the large presence of NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center and the Army’s Aviation and Missile Command.  This technological presence allows IroquoiSystems Inc. to recruit and retain top engineering and software development personnel, resulting in world-class products and services. If you are interested in finding out more about IroquoiSystems, please reach out to us using the information in our Contact Us page.

Core Values

Innovation, teamwork, & integrity.

IroquoiSystems is a small company with a strong technical and business background and a wealth of available talent. Our core values incorporate high ethical standards, ingenuity, and professionalism in all our endeavors from start to finish. Our timely delivery of mission-focused, market-ready products has resulted in robust and efficient software for the end user


IroquoiSystems’ family of employees have teamed with the best companies in Huntsville for over fifteen years. Our team’s proven approach to software design has consistently provided our customers with the excellence they have grown to trust. We are honored to contribute to the well-being of both our community and way of life.

Reaching a Deal. Multiple businesspeople shaking hands over a table.

With broad experiences that focus on improvement and creativity, we can move forward together!

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