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Key Personnel

William A. Moquin:  Founder and President – Bachelor of Engineering, Vanderbilt University; Masters of Science, the University of Alabama in Huntsville; 38 years of experience in Software Development and Maintenance,  BMD Algorithm Development, and Software Product Development and Fielding.

A person with short, dark hair and silver facial hair sits at a dark brown desk with thei hands folded in front of them. They are wearing a dark blue suit with a white, collared shirt and sit in a black office chair. Behind them is a tan wall with a blank white dry erase board.

Mark Moe: Founder, Vice President, Chief Financial Officer – Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, University of Washington; 35 Years of Infrastructure Design, Information Systems Design, Project Management, Logistics Engineering.

A person stands infront of a wooden podium wearing a brown suit with a white shirt and multicolored tie with a geometric design. In the background is part of the US army flag: a white flag with red lettering. Resting on the flag are various pieces of rainbow fabric, and the background is dark brown.

William L. Scrip: Founder, Vice President, Chief Software Architect – Bachelor of Science, University of Alabama; 32 Years of Software Design, Software Maintenance, Project Management.

A person in a light blue shirt sits in front of a silver laptop with a white apple logo. They are smiling at the screen and holding a red, rectangular phone. In the background is the corner of a white fridge with wires resting on the site. The rest of the background is a tan wall with a bright red fire extinguisher hung up in the corner.
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