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Travel Opportunities


IroqoiSystems, Inc (ISI) employees may be required to travel on business assignments and on temporary duty (TDY) status for other short-term assignments. ISI will reimburse its employees for reasonable business expenses incurred in the course of authorized travel.  The following are forms necessary for requesting travel, requesting advances, and documenting expenses.

Travel Request Form

A Travel Request Form must be filed with the employee's immediate supervisor before leaving for an out-of-town trip. It is the responsibility of the traveling employee to obtain all necessary approvals from supervisors prior to departure.


Travel Expense VoucherThe Travel Expense Voucher is used to document all business related expenses during an out-of-town trip.  It is to be filled out in its entirety, as well as accurately.  In the case of continuous TDY of more than 1 calendar week, multiple vouchers should be filled out in sequential order and totaled on the final week's report.  It is the traveling employee's responsibility to fill out and obtain approval of this form within 5 business days of returning.  

After obtaining approval and filling out the Travel Expense Voucher, these documents will be submitted.  Supervisors will be reviewing the voucher and checking for arithmetic errors. 

Minor errors will be corrected, but in the occurrence of an exceptional error, a report detailing the error and proper documentation for correction will be returned to the employee.  A reimbursement claim cannot be filed until this document is submitted or resubmitted. For more information about daily and allowed Per Diems for specific locations, go to

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