Let's Get You All Setup 

Phone System Intro

Accessing Voicemail

These steps will allow you to access your voice mailbox.

1) Dial IroquoiSystems Office – 256-895-0106

2) After the main menu begins push 0. You will begin to hear the main company mailbox greeting.

3) Press * anytime during the greeting message to enter the employee mailbox system.

4) Insert your extension followed by # (ex. 120#)

5) Insert your mailbox password followed by #. If you have not set a password your password will be 1+extension. (ex. 1120#)

At this point you will be logged into your mai lbox. The system will provide you with a number of options including listening

to new messages, switching between folders (inbox is the default), and changing your greetings and settings among other things.

Change Your Password

Everyone should log in and change their mailbox password. The instructions for doing that follow.

1) Access your mailbox by following the steps listed in the “Accessing Voicemail” section of this e-mail.

2) Enter the mailbox options menu by pressing 0

3) Change your password by pressing 5

4) Enter your new numerical password followed by #

5) Repeat step 4 to confirm your new password

Set Your Name (Recommended)

It is recommended that everyone set their name setting. This will be what people hear when they search for you in the company directory. Please do this by performing the following actions.

1) Access your mailbox by following the steps listed in the “Accessing Voicemail” section of this e-mail.

2) Enter the mailbox options menu by pressing 0

3) Change your name setting by pressing 3

4) After the beep say your name and then push #

5) Press 2 to revi ew the recording. If the recording seems too quiet try to speak louder or use a different phone.

6) Press 1 to accept the recording or 3 to go back to step 4

Optionally you can use option 1 inside your mailbox options to change your unavailable message. If you choose not to do this your mailbox greeting will be your name recording followed by a default message (“[name] is unavailable…”).



E-Mail Notification (Optional)

You can be notified of new voicemail by e-mail. The e-mail will include a copy of the voicemail that you can listen to using the most standard audio player software as well as on most cell phones. If you would like to receive e-mail notification please respond to this e-mail and provide the e-mail address you would like to receive your notification at. If you find that the voicemail audio you receive does not play on your cell phone please contact me and I will change the audio file format you receive until we find one that your cell phone will play.

Automatic Deletion (Optional)

If you opt-in for e-mail notification you may also opt-in for automatic voicemail deletion. This feature will delete the voicemail message automatically after your notification e-mail has been sent. This will allow you to receive your voicemail messages strictly through the e-mail notification feature. You will not have to call into the voicemail system to maintain your mailbox. The downside that you should consider is that your voicemail will not be available for review in the voicemail system. As soon as the notification has been sent the voicemail will be automatically deleted from the system and your mailbox will be empty. If you would like to opt-in to automatic deletion please indicate this in your e-mail notification request.

Choosing to opt-in to the e-mail notification service does not require that you opt-in to automatic deletion. You may receive e-mail notifications and have your voicemail stored on the phone system. Should you choose to keep your voicemail on the system you should remember to call in and routinely clean out unneeded messages as each one uses some amount of disk space on the phone server. It is easy to forget to maintain your mailbox when you receive all your voicemail at your e-mail address. Don’t b e afraid to keep important messages in your voicemail folders as the phone server has plenty of disk space available for the voicemail system.

If you have any questions or need further assistance contact Mike Wood: michael.j.wood@lmco.com or mwoodj@iroquoisystems.com

Setting Up Your Principal Account

Creating your principal Account Makes viewing your policies and managing your claims easy.To establish your own personal Principal Account, click here.


Partnering with Principal Financial Group has allowed ISI to offer their employees unparalleled benefits.

Voluntary VisionGroup Term Life Insurance (100% covered by ISI)
Group Short Term Disability (50/50 coverage)
Group Voluntary Term for Employee
Group Voluntary Term for Spouse
Group Voluntary Term Child Insurance
Group Voluntary Term AD&D Insurance

Fidelity Accessing NetBenefits

To enroll into the plan:

  1. Access the Fidelity NetBenefits web site at www.netbenefits.com

  2. Establish a 6 to 12 digit personal identification number (PIN)

  3. Click on "Begin Enrolling."

  4. Confirm the address on record and choose an enrollment confirmation option (if the address is correct, the employee can continue. If it is incorrect, he/she will need to contact the plan sponsor to have it corrected before proceeding.)

  5. Choose a deferral percentage. The limit set in your plan's Adoption Agreement will be shown here, as well. NOTE: Contributions cannot begin until the Employer has updated its payroll records to reflect the Eligible Employee's deferral election.

  6. Choose investment elections.

  7. Select mutual funds in percentages that add up to a total of 100%. All the mutual funds that are available in the plan are listed, and the employee can get recent performance information on each fund by clicking on the fund name.

  8. Click on Submit Elections to proceed. The next screen asks if the employee has read the prospectus information, would like to read it, or would like a prospectus mailed. After selecting one of these choices, click Continue.

  9. Either accept the choices as summarized or go back to change the elections made at this point. The final screen gives a summary of the elections made. The enrollment process is not complete until the employee accepts the elections.

  10. Receive an enrollment confirmation. The employee has not completed the enrollment process until he has received this confirmation number.